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The application for the purpose of creating interaction 


Yore is a project born from many conclusions drawn based on today's reality. But to understand the very essence of our approach, we will start by telling you about the current situation in our modern world. Most of you are probably already informed with respect to some information but all this is necessary so the rest of our explanations to be logical for you. 

We live in a digital world in which we are all connected. Today,

1 out of 7 people are connected to the internet and most of us have one of the most useful tools ever thought of:


                                      The smartphone

To make use smartphones, little softwares are required, called: Applications

Millions of applications are emerging, each one more distinct than the other but all with a common objective. Fulfilling user needs.  In other words, the more an application meets user needs, the more success it will encounter.

The 4 users of the internet

After a while, the most frequently used applications have allowed us to identify the 4 needs that drive our zeal to connect:

The platforms that best meet these 4 needs are social networks. We spend 30% of our time on them when we are on the internet.

The most widely used social networks in the world are owned by the Top 15 of the world's greatest powers. Is that a coincidence? Absolutely not, because a country's economic development also depends on its digital evolution.

No African company has competing applications?  

At the moment, a platform as complete as Facebook or WeChat in Africa does not exist. We are just additional users on these platforms and yet…

The potential is there

Wouldn't it be crazy not to create a project of this nature with so much potential?



The concept of the platform is to bring together all mobile services in a single application.

Yore is a chat application, users of the platform exchange with each other via Talks

What is a Talk ?


A Talk is an instant chat that can be published in several forms


  • Video  

  • YouTube 

  • Text 

The purpose of a Talk is simple: To be published in the right place and to the right people to trigger interactions.

There are two ways to communicate in Yore:

  • In private message (through instant messaging)  

  • In public via the Community part

The Talk is the main element of the platform. Thus, a Talk can be used in several different ways, each corresponding to a use of the internet, either:  

  • Communicating  

  • Entertaining oneself  

  • Being informed 

  • Trading

4 Talk Uses =  4 Uses of the Internet

All these features are found in a single application


We constantly interact with our loved ones throughout the day because staying in touch with our friends and family is essential for us.



This is Yore's instant messaging service where we can consult all our private Talks, stay in touch with our friends and family and communicate with all the members of the platform. 

  • Free messaging anywhere in the world

  • Free calls all over the world (coming soon)

  • Sharing photos, videos, YouTube videos

  • Voice messages and adding services

Entertaining oneself

In transport, during our breaks, in our moments of solitude, who does not like to look at what he likes, to follow new trends, to be inspired, to laugh or to simply have fun?



This is both the area to see new content and to build your own community. Public Talks differ from private Talks because they are designed to attract users to react to them in order to encourage them to get in touch.

The categories

They make it possible to differentiate each Talk in order to target more easily the most interested parties to promote interaction between users with the same interests.

Thus, there will be several types of talks that users will be able to discover.


When we do not have the answer to a question or when we are looking for solutions, we automatically use services like Google or Wikipedia because we are constantly looking for information.

On the internet, the possibility of finding what you are looking for is much greater, because the choices are almost infinite. The objective is to offer a set of services to users, and it will be possible to have countless possibilities in a single application.


African languages are a major asset for the future of the continent. We conducted an investigation to find out if mother tongues are acquired by the new generations in Western countries (Paris in this case)



This is the first micro service that Mybox will offer, an African language learning tool. The objective is to make African languages accessible anywhere and easily.

  • Library (lexicon of African languages)

  • Challenge (Quizzes to be done solo and by challenging other users)



Our team is complementary, we seek to blend three important areas at the same time:

  • UX Design

  • Technology

  • Business


During our project, we met various entities interested in our application, who decided to contribute to its launch. 


This project is ambitious, but in order to provide the best service, we will collaborate with a specialized development team at a fairly high cost. Depending on the objectives achieved, the Yore application will be able to integrate all the services once launched or a partial application in which we will add all the functionalities as we go along. For a 1st version and for the moment, it exists only on Android:

  • Talkin (instant messaging)

  • Community (public talk flow)

We will need to reach 38,000€ .

Our objective is 60,000€ to integrate a maximum number of functionalities.



The plan from design to completion will be distributed over 6 months.

The event for the launch of the Yore platform

Indeed, after the long period, we will organize a special event to launch the application :

  • Entertainment

  • Surprise event

  • The possibility of recovering counterparties


Depending on your contribution to our project, you will receive a set of counterparts that we have called "BOX"

We offer several types of box(es): 


Details :

 This license is only available to Yore contributors

This application has limited access, it is accessible only to contributors and only through an invitation

The number of invitations varies according to the amount of the contribution

Service détails :


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